About Me


Who am I

My name is Ruth, the face behind the business and just a girl who loves to build. Over the past twenty some years I have always found ways to accommodate my passion. I have turned apartments, kitchens, bedrooms and backyard sheds into work rooms. One of my first projects was a simple shelf I needed for my apartment. I strapped 1x2 rough lumber to the roll bars of my jeep and hauled it home home to my apartment. Using a hammer, hand saw and nails I put together a simple shelf, which surprisingly has remained in use until today.


Over time however my shop space, skills, tools and designs have improved drastically. I now have my own shop(as of 2016) and I build a variety of items. I aim for the highest quality I can achieve and am always looking to improve my skills or designs.

My products.

Using traditional joinery on most products, and designing for beauty, usefulness and strength, I aim for the highest quality and strongest product that will stand up to the daily stress of use.

I love both working with the wood and the design process and I produce the products myself from beginning to end. I do custom work as well as my own ideas.


Whether naturally distressing the wood to give it that rustic country feel or sanding to a smooth finish, your product will be one that stands out and adds beauty and comfort to your home.


Products are not mass produced in a factory setting but each one is carefully handcrafted as ordered, adding to the originality and character of each piece.


All items can be customized to suit your specific needs and styles.

As is normal, all wood will expand or shrink with changes in temperature and humidity. This wood movement cannot be avoided altogether and I build to accommodate. Using  joinery techniques to help to accommodate this movement.

You may notice some movement in your product, however it should be minimal and not compromise the item.  If it seems to be excessive or damaging please let me  know.

Finishes are water based stains or paints and are stains are completed with a durable topcoat.